About Us


Divorce can be difficult, but it should be the start of a new life; not the end of life as you know it.

That’s why, in the summer of 2011, a new law firm opened in Chicago, with a refreshing approach to divorce law and the family issues that surround it. Birnbaum Haddon Gelfman & Arnoux brings together some of the state’s leading practitioners in divorce law in a new firm dedicated to helping clients navigate the process of divorce, instead of just muddling through it.

Each of the firm’s attorneys brings a unique skill set to their client’s case. Jacalyn Birnbaum is known for her empathy and her work as a guardian ad litem for children in divorce cases. Stuart Gelfman is viewed by his peers as the consummate professional, and he offices out of both Cook and Lake counties. Matthew Arnoux has a well-earned reputation as a litigator and is well-versed in the details of forensic accounting and business valuations.

Together, the attorneys of Birnbaum Haddon Gelfman & Arnoux have the skills and temperament to quickly settle divorce disputes — and the courtroom experience to back it up. Many of the attorneys at BHGA had previously practiced at Nadler, Pritikin, & Mirabelli, a leading Chicago divorce firm. Two of the firm’s partners are fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a prestigious invitation-only body of the nation’s top divorce attorneys.

In addition to their location in Chicago’s Loop, the firm also counsels clients living in the northern and western suburbs from their two DuPage County offices and their Lake County office.

If you feel like your life is on hold and you’re considering divorce, pick up the phone and call 312-863-2800 to talk to Chicago’s leading divorce lawyers at Birnbaum Haddon Gelfman & Arnoux.