Will County Judge Sides With BHGA, Dismisses Petition to Terminate Maintenance

Monday, March 2, 2015

Matthew C. Arnoux

Matthew C. Arnoux

The February 2015 edition of Divorce Digest reported on a Will County case decided by Judge Matthew G. Bertani that involved Matthew C. Arnoux of Birnbaum, Haddon, Gelfman & Arnoux, LLC.

Arnoux represented an ex-wife who was divorced in early 2012 after 20 years of marriage. The ex-husband petitioned the court to terminate maintenance payments, arguing that the ex-wife was cohabitating with someone on a continuing, conjugal basis.

In dismissing the ex-husband’s petition after reviewing the totality of the circumstances, Judge Bertani found the case involved limited, almost nonexistent domesticity and no de facto husband and wife relationship.

As a result, BHGA’s client continued to receive about $215,000 per year from her ex-husband. To learn more about the Will County case, please read the Divorce Digest synopsis.

To learn more about Illinois Trial Court Divorce Digest, a subscription service, visit the Divorce Digest website. For more information about Arnoux, please view his professional credentials on the BGHA website.